Monday, November 25, 2013

Innerviewin a Fascinatin Peoples

 Musashi Sez:

Hullo! We is doin the celeberty thing where we innerviews somebody kinda famous and/or inneresting. Todae we has a speshul guest name of Robin Bucaria. She went to school wift my mom at Middlebury College, where she majored in bein really smart an minored in ski-ing down the stairs (but only in winter).

Me: Who does you likes betterer, kittees or doggees?

Her: Kitteez. Because kitteses is independent creatures and doggeez drool.

Me: Whut do you do fer a livin?

Her: I warp young minds.

Me: How you does that?

Her: Teaching Inglush. The minds aren’t used to thinking, so by getting them to think is a very mind-warpin experience.

Me: Has you any hobbies?

Her: Skiing. On snow, not stairs now. An attemptin to garden. For a while I had an escargot farm.

Me: Now, we’ve heard about escargots, an they are handsome young snails whu takes out fancy ladies on dates…

Her: Nope. Escargots are snails that eat your garden. But if you clean out their digestive tracts, you kin eat them.

Me: I thogt they were fancee gys.

Her: No, they’re espensive foods in the fansee Frentch restaurants.

Me: Let’s talk about that skiin stuffs. I has the impreshun that yu yoozed to ski down the stairs in collidge.

Her: Just once.

Me: Tell us about that wunce, please.

Her: It was veree frustratin, cuz freshmen stepped on the bak of my skis, and slowd me down!!

Me: I veree sorree to hear this. Whut didju do about that?

Her: I aksksed them to let me go and FLUNG myself down the stairs.

Me: An did that worked?

Her: It did, but they slowed down my time.

Me: So you wudov won otherwise?

Her: No. There was another real Olympic skier in training on the stairs, and he was really gud.

Me: Mom sez that yu teatch writin, like she does. How you does that?

Her: You model, you make ‘em revise, you model, you make ‘em revise again, an then yu conference.

ME: An that work?

Her: Sometimes.

Me: Kin yu think of somthin brilliant fer us to end wift?

Her: Oh no!

Me: Does you eat pi? Does you makes pi?

Her: Yus. Blooberry. Salmonberry—

Me: Do that taste like fish?

Her: Nope. They look like salmon roe or like orange raspberries.

Me: Is this onlee in Laska?

Her: Mebbe. Apple. O! This is whut I was sposed to buy here—MacIntosh apples.

Me: Does yu gets them at the Apple Store?

Her: No. At the grocery store. I also make a caramel custard pie.

Me: What’s that like?

Her: It like a crème brulee except more creamy.

Me: Does it have fish in it?

Her: No. I don’t do fish pie, but I was tempted to try the lobster pie at lunch today but it was too big.

Me: We shud has been wift you an then we all wud has been happiererer.

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