Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bein the Bizziest Kitee

Musashi Sez:

Wull, todae I wuz bizzee an no jok. I playd soccr wift my mom (an she winnd, but only cuz I kept hittin the ball undr the bookcays, an gottid fowlz). Then I tooked a nap, but wift verree seeryus marchin aroun to mayk shur it wuz sayf an stuff.
Fynlee, mom caym hom, but then she started cleenin agin, lik no tomorrer! Then this cyut Russhin laydee caym an lookt at all the roomz. We think she migt stay.

But I gotta say, I iz enormusslee egzawtstid. Huh. I will probabul sleep all mornin now. Aftr, of cors, sleepin all nigt. Natchuralee.

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